About Us

Overland Environmental is a company that values your reputation and your resources. You will receive top quality services at better than competitive pricing.

Our Company

Overland Environmental Services, Inc. was founded in 2002 as a fully equipped environmental and industrial services company that was able to establish its name due to its professional work ethic, quality of work, and good customer feedback.

You expect and sometimes require a company that is available to you all year round. We will provide you with the best work whenever you need. Call us anytime!

Our Values

Overland Environmental has three core principles that we abide by:

High Quality

We will not compromise quality, and we will not jeopardize your reputation or ours. Our main goal is to provide our customers with the best services we can deliver. Being one of the best waste management companies in the Mid-south, we will stay in the top ranks and will strive to achieve it by working hard for you.


Upholding Client Reputation

Industrial services and waste disposal requires responsibility and assurance. Overland Environmental follows all the rules from USEPA and USDOT, to state and local agencies. We are a fully insured and permitted waste disposal company. It is peace of mind knowing that your services are handled properly.

Best accommodations for the client

Overland Environmental is a company that values your reputation and resources. We will get the job done on your timeline.

Our Experience


We have 24 years of experience. We will work closely with your personnel to evaluate your current practices. Suggestions can be made for improvements or will help you exceed industry standards. Our company started in 2002 as a full service waste disposal company that is committed to providing customers with high quality services at the best rates. Our company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has countless references for prospective customers.