Non-regulated Waste Handling & Transport

When it comes to non-regulated waste handling & transport, we at Overland Environmental Services Inc have you covered. We protect your business from the liability that may result from poor handling, and disposal of non-regulated waste.

Though non-regulated waste may fail to meet the EPA criteria of hazardous waste but that doesn’t mean that it is not hazardous. Non-regulated waste is known to present some degree of hazard to both people and the surrounding environment. These materials are carcinogenic and toxic to some extent. Therefore, it is important to handle and dispose of them properly. And this is what we can help you with!

At Overland Environmental Services Inc, we specialize in non-regulated and hazardous waste services. We provide you with quality assistance for non-regulated waste handling and disposal with a promise that it balances your operational demands, eliminates your environmental footprint, and protects your company’s core business values.

From profiling to collecting and transporting non-regulated bulk waste loads from your premises to a proper waste treatment facility, we assist you every step of the way. We remove your company’s non-regulated waste materials at your convenience and in compliance with the State, Federal and Local regulations.

We at Overland Environmental Services Inc, offer a full-service, cost-effective and safe service program customized according to your non-regulated waste requirements. Our certified and experienced team works cohesively with your team in collecting and transporting non-regulated waste from your premises safely to the desired location.

How We Work?

Proper handling and transportation of non-regulated waste is crucial. Therefore, first, our certified crew visits your location and pulls a sample of your material that includes either a TCLP (Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure) for metals or PH/Flash Test. The cost of this analytical is $250.

After this, we create a proper and comprehensive profile of your materials and send it to several processors to get an estimate of the waste treatment or disposal cost. Please note that there is no cost for profile creation. It’s absolutely free.

Once the estimates are collected from different processors, then we coordinate with you, and select a processor for the waste. After that, our team then customizes waste pick up schedules to transport it from your premises to the processor’s location.

We have the experience and expertise in handling a wide range of non-regulated waste materials such as:

  • Used and unused oil and antifreeze
  • Water and oil mixture
  • Water and oil sludge
  • Waste water
  • RCRA Empty Poly 5/30/55 Gallon Drum
  • RCRA Empty Steel 5/30/55 Gallon Drum
  • RCRA Empty 275/325 Gallon Totes

Besides this, we also specialize in oily sludge removal. At Overland Environmental Services Inc, we strive to help you go green and sustain the environment by disposing non-regulated waste the right way.

Give us one chance to demonstrate our expertise!

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