Turnkey and Safe Silo Cleaning Services


Our silo cleaning systems help; remove mold and other contaminates;inside silos in the fastest time and regain the super clean and sterilized food silo that your quality control expects.

As a food manufacturer, it is important that you get your food storage vessels (silo) inspected periodically to ensure that they are kept clean in accordance with the highest industry and FDA standards. This is important because silos are prone to contaminates such as mold and other potentially dangerous microbes that can compromise your food surfaces.

The only way to clean these microbial contaminates is to pressure clean them with hot water and bleach.  Air cleaning or dry ice blasting a silo that is contaminated with mold and other microbes is NEVER a good idea. This type of dry cleaning only spreads the contaminates around the silo and is simply equivalent to have never cleaned the silo in the first place. Hot water and bleach is full proof and the silo is dried by either convection or portable driers. You can be sure that when we leave your property, your silo will be CLEAN, Dry and ready to load your product into. On average, a 60 foot silo that is 12 feet in diameter takes approximately 4 hours to clean.

If you want to ensure safe and quick cleaning of your silo with no hazardous confined space entries while keeping the service cost low, then get in touch with Overland Environmental Services Inc.

At Overland Environmental Services Inc, we offer food manufacturers turnkey and safe silo cleaning solutions. We make sure that your silos are kept clean and can set them up on a schedule.  We have exclusively devised our silo deep cleaning system that does not require confined space entry permits in food silos in most cases. Besides being safe, this system is also easy to use, quick, and cost-effective.

Our silo cleaning systems will ensure that your silo will meet and exceed your quality control standards and the standards set forth by the FDA.


Turnkey Solution for Cleaning Silos


No Confined Space Entry In Food Silos


Regain Storage Capacity

Safety is Our Top Priority


All services are delivered by our highly skilled, certified and well-trained crew in compliance with OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) guidelines.

In some cases where confined space entry is required, we make sure to provide you with all entry permits as well as checklists to ensure maximum safety.

Once you hire us for silo cleaning, we’ll make sure that your silo vessels are inspected regularly to avoid buildups and also safety certified.

Please note that our services are not contract based. This means there is no obligation and that you are not bound to continue if you don’t like it.


OSHA Compliant


Permits Given When Entry Required


No Contract Obligation

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