Sump/Catch Basin Cleaning

Catch basins or storm drains are primarily designed to catch and prevent sediments and debris from entering the drainage system. However, if they are not kept clean and the debris caught by the catch basin is not removed regularly, it can get blocked.

Blocked catch basin means blocked sewer & drainage system which can lead to improper water drainage and even flooding. Did you know that clogged storm drains are one of the most common causes behind flooded parking lots and streets?

Therefore, to prevent flooding in the parking lot, it is vital to keep catch basins clean. This is where we can help! At Overland Environmental Services Inc, we specialize in catch basin cleaning services. From managing the flow of municipal storm water systems to removal of debris and sediments with contaminants from parking lot storm drains, we can assist you with it all because we are here to keep things functional and flowing!

To keep storm drains clean and clear, we use the latest in catch basin cleaning technology such as industrial-strength vacuums, and high-pressure water jetting machinery. Leveraging on our expertise, experience and access to the latest in technology, we help keep your catch basins clean and flowing smoothly.

At Overland Environmental Services Inc, our Sump/Catch Basin Cleaning services are performed by experienced, certified and trained professionals. So you can be confident that you will get the best in service.

To avoid clogging and blockage of catch basins and maintain the sump capacity, we recommend that they are cleaned when they are half full or once a year. However, catch basins in areas where average sediment and debris accumulation is high should be cleaned more often.

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